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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How frequently should an individual use the EESystem?

Every person is different. Results will vary greatly depending on the individual and what other holistic approaches they are pursuing. Effects will be cumulative.

Q. Does frequency depend on issues? If so, how do we know how many sessions to plan?

There is no targeting mechanism or frequency selection for any specific ailment. The technology is designed to provide a field that boosts optimal homeostasis and recharges the entire body on a cellular level for higher function. Systems are recommended to run provided core settings.

Q. Are there any known negative side effects?

All our research has been done by independent third parties, and there have been no contraindications (e.g. pacemakers, pregnancy, transplants), and no adverse effects, fields, or interactions have ever been observed in use or research since 1996, as this elegant True BioScalar Technology creates healthy bioactive energetic environments and products.

Q. After your session guidelines

Continue drinking the healthiest water available and eating a healthy diet. Take a 30-minute detox bath (or foot soak) within 24-72 hours after your session. For the bath use 2 cups sea salt (not Epsom salt) to help your cells flush toxins from your body so they do not get reabsorbed back into your cells, 2 cups of baking soda to help cope with effects of radiation, and 1 cup Borax to help cope with spike proteins in our environment.

Q. How long should a session be?

Two hours minimum is ideal for true results, and 3-4 hours is better. There is no maximum exposure. You can sleep in and use the system all day if you wish.


About Midwest Wellness Within

After watching Dr. Sandra Rose Michael’s interview with Jason Shurka about her Energy Enhancement System in early 2023, I immediately visited a EESystem in Arizona where I was visiting. I spent 15 hours experiencing the EESystem. My energy improved, my eyesight from glaucoma improvedso  that I could see better a night. My leg pain from blood clots are now gone.  I came home in February, spent additional time with the EESystem feeling much younger than my 83 years young.

Wanting to share the wellness, I subsequently ordered an 4 -unit system, set up my EE System center in my home in Ellinwood, KS.  I am very excited and pleased to offer this state-of-the-art healing technology to all of you who visit the Midwest Wellness Within Energy Enhancement System Center. Please come and feel the healing energy for yourself.

Norma Manke
Midwest Wellness Within
Ellinwood, KS



The Midwest Wellness Within Energy Room is ready for you to Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate!


"Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies" – Albert Einstein