EESystem Research

The Research on the Energy Enhancement System

★The Barron Report
(Jon Barron)

★Your Healing Energy at ‘Full Tilt Boogie’
(By Allen Ainsworth, Executive Editor, “M.S. Warrior Newsletter”)

★JOHN ORAVA, PHD, Physicist on the EESystem Effect
(John Orava, Physicist)

★Abstract – AAAAM Conf. 2007GDV
(EESystem Inventor Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, DNM)

★Kirlian Lab Photography
(Body Electric)

★Electric Company Field Surveys
(Frank Haggard, Jr., Administrator, Center of the Open Rose)

★Live Blood Microscopy
(Dr. Alvita Soleil, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Director of Kohala Health and Wellness Center)

(EEG Study From Korea)

★Assessment – The EESystem with the Bioelectrography Kirlian
(Hon. Dr. Sabina DeVita Ed.D, R.N.C.P., CNMP, and CBP.)

★GDV Bioelectrography Results
(Dr. Sabina DeVita, GDV researcher, author of Electromagnetic Pollution)

★Electromagnetic Pollution to Scalar Wave Enhancement
(Dr. Sabina DeVita, Ed.D., R.N.C.P.)

★Scalar Wave Literature Survey
(N. Loeffler, OR)

★Scalar Wave Energy Enhancement & Regeneration; A Field-Matrix Chamber to Actualize Full Spectrum Health
(Dr. L. Botchis PhD, IA)

★Letter re: Torsion Fields
(Dr. V. Ussenko, MD, MBA; Ukraine - Spinor International)

★Torsion Field Effect and Zero-Point Energy in Electrical Discharge Systems
(Xiong-wei Wen & Xing-liu Jiang, China)

★Integrable and Nonintegrable Structures in Shipov’s Physical Vacuum
(R.M. Kiehn, Univ. of Houston)
Cartan’s Corner

★A New Paradigm Theorizing the Mechanism of Bioenergy Healing
(M. Sue Benford, R.N., M.A.)
Journal of Theoretics

★Scalar Field Technology
(Dr. Victor Vega Bradgate)

★EES Abstract
(Dr. Greg Gerber)
G. C. Gerber, MD Clinical Case Studies
(G. C. Gerber, MD)

★Effect of Non-Hertzian Scalar Waves on the Immune System
(Dr. Glen Rein, Stanford University Medical Center)

★Biological Interactions with Scalar Energy Cellular Mechanisms of Action
(Dr. Glen Rein, Stanford University Medical Center)

★Edison Electric Field Survey
(Mr. Brian Thorson, Frank Haggard, Jr.)

★Live Blood Results

★Bio-Psycho-Spiritual Effects of the Energy Enhancement System On Adults
(Lana Marconi, Ph.D., Alvita Soleil, OMD)

★The Scalar Wave Energy Healing and Regeneration
(Lilli Botchis Ph.D.)
Patient Evaluation Form
Patient Questionnaire #1
Patient Questionnaire #2

★Opinion on Dr. Sandra Michael's Scalar Energy Systems
(Primal Fernando)





"The energy of the mind is the essence of life."
 – Aristotle