EES User Testimonials

Testimonials for the Energy Enhancement System

I have to say when my massage therapist told me about, Energy Enhancement Systems (EESystems ) I was very intrigued. I have worked with energy healing for the body for the last 30 + years. In many different forms. I am a massage therapist 35 years Reiki Master/Teacher 25 years and I have been using Essential oils for over 25 years.

Th Energy Enhancement system helps your body’s self healing ability in many ways. I have been twice now it has helped with my knee issues that my massage therapist couldn’t help and I couldn’t fix myself. It helped with things the CV did to my lungs and my shortness of breath and low energy levels. My knee is great I have gotten more done since I have had my sessions than I did in the last few months. I have a better mental health I am thinking clearer and I am more positive. I just really feel better!

I recommend this work to everyone that wants to feel better. It is a process but every time it gets better.


“My experience in the EESystem is truly a miracle. In Dec 2021, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer; following my doctors advice, I went thru 6 chemo treatments and was declared cancer free on May 5, 2022. In Sept 2022, my ovarian cancer aggressively returned with my antigen levels at 182.0 (cancer free levels are <38.0). I began round 2 of chemo treatments on Dec 8, 2022.

My sister had recently opened an EESystem center and encouraged me to come in and try it. I went into the EESystem for 2 hours on Dec 21, 2022. On Jan 3, 2023 my bloodwork showed my antigen levels had dropped to 61.0 from 182.0… a 65% decrease! On Jan 5, I had a second chemo treatment, which had taken a real toll on my body, I was in a lot of pain. My sister encouraged me to do an overnight session on Jan 14, 2023 for 12 hours. The following morning I was pain free and overjoyed with disbelief. I wanted to come in for another 2 hours before having my bloodwork to test my cancer antigen levels again. After another 2 hours in the EESystem, a total of 16 hours, I had my bloodwork antigen levels tested and the results were miraculous… my antigen levels were 37.1, I am now cancer free!” 

— Lorinda C., Phoenix, AZ (Vitality Energy Healing)

"I'm a big supporter and endorser of Hon. Dr. Michael's work. Her bio-scalar technology is a great way to reach thousands who are suffering as a result of the food we eat, polluted environment we live in and toxins we are exposed to. I've been involved with this technology myself and have had several sessions with her and have seen positive, dramatic changes in my body. I have seen the blood tests myself on patients and the before and after results in ridding the body of disease are remarkable. Sandra Rose is on the cutting-edge of what one day I believe will be standard practice in curing disease. That old belief system that everything has to be done through surgery or drugs is not in keeping with the power each of us has to heal and align ourselves physically, spiritually and mentally using natural, alternative means. Nobody heals anyone; healing takes place within the body. Sandra Rose's work exemplifies that. It's all about body alignment. Often Western treatments produce worse effects than the disease. We're the only country in the world that allows advertising for prescription drugs on TV. Drugs don't cure diseases, they get people addicted. There is another way to help our bodies, mind and spirits achieve balance. The work that Sandra Rose is doing is so valuable, it allows us to go with-in to cure ourselves. We have to return to our nature."

— Dr. Wayne Dyer, Renowned Author & Speaker

"Being a diabetic, I sometimes felt like I was in a no-man's-land. I was only legally blind in one eye, but I really had difficulty seeing altogether...and I tried to adapt to my low vision as gracefully as possible and that was when a friend of mine told me about the EESystem. I was so excited to hear about his overall vision improvement that I thought about seriously giving this alternative therapy a shot.

I was delightfully surprised that after my first session in the system that not only was I seeing better, but my blood sugar level was 100 points lower! Following my next appointment, the eye that I was legally blind in...I was able to see fuzzy images for the first time in over a year! Also, I was not sure if my good eye had improved until the next day after my session, I was instructed to go home a take a sea salt bath and much to my amazement, I felt stronger, more relaxed and I could read the newspaper without my glasses. I am pleased to share that resulting from a total of only 8 hours in the EESystem, I'm seeing and sleeping better and I've cut my insulin dosages in HALF!

I feel that a miracle has happened to me, because my ophthalmologist diagnosed my condition as permanent and now I can thankfully say that my vision loss is not permanent, in fact, it's reversing without drugs or laser treatments! This technology has given me hope that one day I'll regain my independence to drive a car again and cease taking any insulin!"

— John Cross, Florida

"I think it's time that more people knew Sandra Rose Michael. She truly wants to help people on our planet achieve better lives through improved health. I have great respect for her as a woman and human being for all the help, advice and attention she offers. Her knowledge and generosity in helping people who have health problems has been nothing less than miraculous; she has changed people's lives. I have been involved in the alternative healing process for many years. The Energy Enhancement System is truly rejuvenation on a cellular level. Since I've used the system I have more clarity, focus, my skin is more radiant and it actually feels like the cells are pumped up. With all of the chaos going on about health's time that we all learn how to participate in making certain that we receive the best health care available and alternative medicine is working miracles."

— Linda Gray, Actress

"If someone had told me about the EESystem, I would have immediately dismissed it as bogus. How could a machine--a computer--possibly produce beneficial health effects? I thought the only effects were negative. How wrong I was.

I read a notice on our local news website here on Kauai about a free hour of what I thought would be acupuncture treatment, so I called for my free hour. Turns out the free hour was to sit in a healing energy field of powerful scalar waves, the EESystem. I thought, "Why not. Let's see what happens." This was on the first day this marvelous technology was being offered on Kauai at Alison Ebata's Acupuncture/Health Clinic.

That week I had been diagnosed with extremely high blood pressure (227 over 113). Almost off the charts and way above stroke level. I was 297 pounds. Morbidly obese. The medical recommendation was for immediate admission to the intensive care unit in the hospital for intravenous administration of anti-hypertensive drugs.

I was afraid for my life at this point and had some dark days of fear, depression and panic, pondering my mortality. Would I have a stroke, a heart attack, ruined kidneys? I was really scared, but didn't go to the hospital.

Upon first entering the EESystem, I immediately felt a powerful energy coursing through my arms, and I felt relaxed, like I was in a very good place. My youngest daughter (22 yrs.) was with me for that first free session. She said it felt impossible to have a negative thought while in the EESystem. I agreed.

A few days later, I wisely started blood pressure medications, which I was informed would kick in and begin to be effective in six to eight weeks. My wife and I signed up for 30 two hour EESystem sessions each after hearing Dr. Sandra Rose Michael speak about the miraculous health benefits that were taking place by sitting in the scalar bio-energy fields.

Instead of taking 6-8 weeks, my blood pressure was basically normal 127/91 within SIX DAYS! In addition to the EESystem, I had begun an exercise/diet program and stopped my unhealthy lifestyle.

In four weeks, I lost a total of 40 pounds--10 pounds per week and the weight has stayed off. I have energy now that I haven't had for many years. I can get a lot of work done all day.

I used to have terrible insomnia, sleeping only four hours a night, plus sleep apnea and needing a breathing CPAP machine for almost twenty years. Now I sleep eight hours a night and can sleep without using the breathing machine. I am no longer irritable and excitable, and I eat normal portions of healthy foods, mostly fruits and vegetables with some grains and meat. My life has normalized. I feel great for the first time in many years. I exercise.

Our thirty sessions are over but the health effects remain. We also purchased the scalar energized pendants and are happily getting the benefits of the EESystem wherever we go. I sleep with mine on. We will go back for more sessions.

Another amazing benefit of the EESystem happened about four sessions into our thirty sessions. I had the powerful coursing of healing energy in my arms and hands and I felt the urge to send out the healing energy to my family members in across the ocean in California and elsewhere. So I raised my arms and sent out the healing chi with clear intent of distance healing. Later at home I felt the tingling energy in my hands and arms and sent it out again to my loved ones.

My daughter Heidi is a pre-nursing student at Stanford and Berkeley and had post rape trauma and has had migraine headaches for eighteen years, and had depression and self-loathing. I had specifically sent her some powerful healing energy.

Heidi is not a meditator or into any kind of eastern/energy practice or belief system. She emailed me late one night when I had been sending her the "healing energy"--she didn't know that I was doing this. I didn't tell her. She emailed me that her "third eye had opened" and that her depression totally disappeared after nearly twenty years of therapy and medication. In her words, her "migraines fell of my face." She said she "felt the most love and peace she had ever experienced in her life", and no longer had depression or self hatred, that she became "one with the universe." Heidi's ecstatic healing experience lasted for five hours and is too fantastic and detailed to describe here. She is well now after 18 years of hell. She is healed.

Of course I am continuing to send out healing energy that builds up in me from the EESystem, and I know it is working. I believe the loving healing energy Alison and Dr. Sandra Rose Michael have made available through this technology is the key catalyst in this amazing healing adventure. And this is just the beginning! These are real world results of a proven scientific technology. Keep up the good work Alison and Dr. Sandra Rose! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

— Tom P. (Juris Doctor, UC Berkeley/UW Madison Schools of Law) Kauai, Hawai

I am 60 years old and in the last 8 years I have had a hysterectomy, oopherectomy (removal of an ovary), breast cancer, colectomy (surgical removal of all or part of the colon). I have ongoing severe spinal osteo-arthritis, perosis (manganese deficiency) and COPD, major depressive disorder, serious anxiety and have had several emergency surgeries. I struggle daily with pain and how to eat and function in the world.

I didn't feel much after the first two sessions. In the third session, I felt deep and wondrous healing and release of years of tension in my arms and upper body. I felt less anxiety, more peace, energy and focus……and sleep. I had much better bowel function. I began to feel deep healing in my spine (there is a large hole in my sacrum that causes chronic deep pain). I was able to sit up straight after this 3 session for the first time in years!

All of the above feelings have lasted longer and longer after each session, and have gone deeper and deeper. It feels as if all my cells are being renewed and that I am "coming alive" after eons of suffering.

Thank you Dr. Michael for this amazing System!"

— Alison Ebata, L.Ac., Owner of La’a Lani Kea

"The Energy Enhancement System (E.E.S.), is a new technology that generates a theraputic energy field, (Scalar Wave), that raises the energy level of every cell in the body to its optimum level; (70-90 millivolts), within a two hour therapy session. This is the most extraordinary technology I have seen in twenty years of practice, as an Alternative Health Care Doctor. The results, which have been obtained with this therapy, are quite frankly miraculous."

— Dr. James D. deBoer

"I have personally experienced Dr. Michael's EESystem and not just speculate, but know that it is effective and positive for good health and wellness. I suffered from a severe knee injury while running down the steep hills of San Francisco. The orthopedic surgeon said that I had no more cartilage in my right knee, that I was too young for knee replacement surgery and that I would never run more than 3 miles again in my life.

As I love running, I naturally searched out alternatives and found the EESystem. After several treatments over the course of 3 months, I was running up to 5 miles at a time without any pain and a year later I ran a half marathon. Regardless if you doubt it's ability to make scalar waves or not, what is important is that it heals! Thank you Dr. Michael for your selfless dedication to the development and implementation of this amazing invention."

 — K.W.

"I was delightfully surprised to know that the EESystem had such a profound and fast effect on the blood! I observed that 70% of the blood opened from having been stagnated and aggregated. The other 30% showed signs of detoxification."

— Dr. Alvita Soleil, OMD

"In thirty years I have never seen anything running on computers that will provide beneficial side effects. However, after looking at the EESystem technology for over one year, there are no flaws or deception of any type. There appears to be some form of inter-dimensional or high super scalar energy being generated, which when a person sits in a room with the EESystem technology running, their entire life force improves. After I personally sat in an EESystem room, I felt very revitalized, refreshed, invigorated and relaxed."

— Jack Shulman, Physicist, Computer Scientist

"I am thrilled to say that the results I have from my sessions with the EESystem include a dramatic increase in clarity of vision. There is no evidence in my vision tests of today of any macular degeneration! In the past, when my vision was tested, there was a large black blob in the center of my field of vision. Now, that black spot is GONE and I can see 20/20!!" Thank you!!

— Sara, Massachusetts

"After consistent use of an EESystem, it was a true pleasure to discover at my yearly physical exam that I had significant improvements in both my vision and my blood, where my vision had improved from 20/25 to 20/20 and my blood measured at 70/90 LDH." — Alan M.

"After my first time in the EESystem, which was a session consisting of one hour, I experienced some drainage which led to my eyes clearing. Also, while in the system room, I could feel my right foot getting warm where I had broken it in the 90's and it would swell at the end of the day. Well, I'm happy to share that my right foot no longer swells and I have seen a vast improvement in my overall chronic inflammation." — Lisa, Arizona

"This is probably the best prostate treatment in the world."
— Dr. Joseph McCready, MD and Retired Surgeon, Arizona

"After 6 years of medical attention for cysts on neck and finger, they have reduced in size by 50% after 16 hours in the EESystem."
 — Gerald Muramoto Kapaa, Kauai

"After 1 year of medical attention for her heart palpitations and constant throbbing and pounding sound in her head, they are gone after 16 hours in the EESystem."
— Chiyoko Urabe Lawai, Kauai


"The essence of health is inner balance."
— Dr. Andrew Weil